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A Question For The Ruskin Museum Trustees.

Dear Sirs,

You will undoubtedly be aware that Ms. Gina Campbell stated publicly last week that a number, and she suggested it was an appreciable number, of 'offers and deals' had been made to the Bluebird Project regarding future operations. Offers and deals she described as 'very tasty' but which had all been declined.

Unfortunately, other than our original agreement of 2013 and what was discussed in 2019, we are unaware of any others. Certainly your published timeline doesn't list these offers and, though you have mentioned the 90 days discussion on several occasions, this seems to be the only one.

We have asked Gina Campbell to clarify her statement but as yet have received no response so, assuming that the offers to which she refers must have involved yourselves, we therefore ask you whether you can shed any light on this?

Were there a number of other offers as stated?

If so can you tell us when they were made, what they contained and what reasons we gave to decline them as declining any offer would be a team decision and not one made unilaterally as suggested by Gina Campbell?

We are convening a team meeting on Saturday 4th December and would very much like to have this matter on our agenda in order that we may discuss any failure or missed opportunity so if you would be kind enough to furnish us with the relevant details ahead of then we would be most grateful.

Kind regards,

The Bluebird Project Team.

It has often been said that having to deal with these matters via social media is unfortunate and we couldn't agree more but it's equally unfortunate that social media is the platform by which the issue arose in the first place and because of that it becomes known to people who may simply take it at face value. The suggestion is that we have declined 'very tasty' offers and been unreasonable but if that is untrue we must set the record straight and as the accusation was levelled publicly we have little option but to answer it publicly. It's a pain but unfortunately it has to be done. Sorry.

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Situation needs Clarification Forthwith, any deals proposed must be made available to all parties involved to avoid further speculation....I urge clarity and honesty in any further discussion.

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