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Enough is Enough

As the news is out we'd best say something.

When we returned from Bute in 2018 we had dates to run on Coniston Water for the following year. We had a boat that, though unfinished in many ways, certainly worked, and we had a very polished team to go with it. 2019 should have been a triumph but instead it was cancelled by the group responsible for arranging the Coniston side of things.

We suggested a return to Bute that year to keep the momentum while we continued to work on the boat but the museum didn't want to know.

The agreement was always that we would build a fully working boat and as we realised that audacious plan it was further agreed that we would take care of the machine and our team would display it on water going forwards into the future.

Sadly, as of the end of 2018, it became clear that the Ruskin Museum had no intention of keeping its side of the bargain despite our every effort to agree a compromise and last year they took the wholly unnecessary step of issuing court proceedings. A phone call and a meeting would have sufficed.

However, we viewed this as a good thing because lawyers are very good at taking the passion out of everything and boiling it down to simple principles and as the benefits of a working relationship between the parties were blindingly obvious to all but a few we had high hopes that with high legal minds at work we could forge that new relationship.

Indeed, we honestly believed that such a process was moving forward until a flurry of activity on social media in mid January laid bare the fact that the museum had no intention of engaging with that either and so we had to ask ourselves some serious questions.

We could have easily burned through another year but to what end? Without the will to compromise and form a new working relationship we would have an uphill slog to complete even the smallest of tasks and we had to ask whether we wanted to put ourselves through it. In the end, and after much reflection the answer was no.

So now that beautiful machine that will currently start at the push of a button and could run on water tomorrow will have her innards removed and be waved off to whatever fate awaits her while the BBP family have another project ready to come into the workshop where history was made.

No doubt a few will see this as a victory of some sort but as hollow victories go you would have to look a long way to find a better example and the reality is that it is a loss for everyone involved and those watching from afar.

We are sorry to all of those people who would have loved to have seen the BBP team run K7 on the water these past few years and especially to those older folks who now never will.

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13 commentaires

What a crying shame. So sad & annoyed it has come to this. The Ruskin Museum should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. But I will guess not...?

No Winners - Just Loosers.


Excellent interview with Ted. Take note all you BBP haters.


27 févr.

I’m gutted. I couldn’t get to Bute but I always thought that there would be another opportunity to see the boat run. That said, I fully understand and support the team’s position and I can’t even begin to think how they must feel after all the years of sacrifice and dedication, to have the prize snatched from them.

The individuals responsible for (and complicit in) this travesty should hang their heads in shame.

It will be very tempting to visit the museum once K7 is imprisoned there, and tell them that they can either let me in to see it in perpetuity, or give me my donations back. 🤬


Rhys Nolan
Rhys Nolan
12 févr.

I too am saddened that it came to this, BUT sometimes bashing your head against a brick wall just hurts too much. Of course all the crowing is out there already. My best wishes, and thanks to all the BBP team for what you achieved. I too have lost interest in the boat. I threw away my models and autographed art (by Gina) a while back when it was heading to this.



How I looked forward to the day I’d see BB run at Coniston after all these years. I may just go there and skim my DVD cover with the BB paint chip on it across the water.

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