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RM and Campbell Family make Final Appeal
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Aug 23, 2021
This is how the whole saga looks yo me Bitter legal row over Donald Campbell's Bluebird: Museum begins court action to secure return of record-breaking jet boat as diver who restored craft after recovering it from Coniston Water refuses to hand it over The real story is that the Campbells and the museum want it back to make money on it but never run it again on water. The BBP were given donations to get a working boat. They achieved this only to be told bye bye its ours now from the Ruskin. In 2013 BBP had to get a deal to ensure it ran on water so they could get parts to finish off the rebuild. They got that via emails. Once the boat was proven to run on water the Ruskin demanded it back saying they weren't allowed/ didn't know it was running on water. How strange as it was all over the press and Gina Campbell went to see it on Bute. The Bute exercise showed a few problems in the build with somethings needing strengthening. The BBP said we need to finalize the maintenance and running of the boat and were told by Ruskin that they would not be allowed to be involved. The BBP then said we had an agreement in 2013 to maintain and run the boat and Ruskin said it was never put before the trustees, even though the curator of the museum sent a reworked draft to BBP and told them that it was ok to proceed. Ruskin said 2013 agreement was invalid as it was done by someone with no power to do so. But it was done by the curator of the museum at the time, who has since retired. Now the sad part the BBP were accused of making money on the boat by selling items on a website. Come on how else could they fund a rebuild with no source of income. The Ruskin provided no help in funding nor did the Campbells, saying BBP promised to do it for nothing. It cost money to power tools and lighting and electric and materials, they don't grow on trees you know. The BBP have a duty of care to all who have donated, bought stuff off their website. These people did so on the assumption that the boat would be kept running. They had the engine lent to them for the rebuild so the boat could run, as long as it runs they have the engine. As soon as the boat was proven it could run the Ruskin were advised by the Campbells to get rid of the BBP. Ruskin said they offered the BBP 3 months a year to run boat, but they refused, they did not. When questioned what 3 months the Ruskin were very vague, when asked to put that into writing, confirming dates. There are now rumours that the Dead of Gift has been altered by the Ruskin and the Campbell's. When pressed as to how and if Ruskin will Run Bluebird K7 again, Ruskin have been very vague. The BBP have said if they want the boat back they can have it, in the condition it came out of the water or let them maintain it and run it. This is to ensure that people who helped fun the rebuild. At which no point did Ruskin say BBP were not going to run and maintain boat. The BBP said they would never of done a restoration if they thought they were not going to maintain and run the boat alongside the Ruskin looking after it. Ruskin have used this to say that BBP will break up Bluebird K7 no matter what, which is untrue. BBP will only break up Bluebird if they get a legal requirement to do so. Who's telling the truth in my opinion BBP Edited to take out the air intake problem which was told to me by someone on another forum., which I have been corrected on. All in all the BBP need to make a statement to the press, cause what Ruskin are doing is getting press and some public on their side. If Gina and some local Coniston residents could make it to Bute why didn't some Ruskin Trustees go and reason I think to try and use that against BBP.


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