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Since our highly successful crew training exercise on the Isle of Bute in 2018 we have been slowly working towards completing all those detail jobs we hadn't got to before our trip and rectifying the small faults we brought home.

It's slow because the Ruskin Museum, our erstwhile partners in this endeavour, have spent the past three years attempting to frustrate this process and to have her placed in their building with no access for the Bluebird Project and no facilities to carry out vital maintenance.

Obviously this is an unacceptable situation for a living machine so the Bluebird Project team remains as committed as ever to completing the rebuild of K7 and maintaining her in full running order for her eventual return to the water where she belongs.

The good news is she resides safe in the most appropriate care in her Tyneside home in which she has been painstakingly reborn over the past 15 years and we work continuously to improve her condition and public access to her.

Any donations will be used not only to ensure that K7 is completed but also to kept in absolute tip-top running order and also to improve our visitor experience.

Thank you for your support.






Bluebird K7 Restoration Fund
66 Hudson Street
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE30 1DL

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