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Since our highly successful crew training exercise on the Isle of Bute in 2018 we have been slowly working towards completing all those detail jobs we hadn't got to before our trip and rectifying the small faults we brought home.

Most of this is done now but we must carry out ongoing vital maintenance to keep K7 in full running order for her eventual display in Coniston and her return to the water.

The good news is she resides safe and cared for in her Tyneside home and we work continuously to improve her condition and public access to her


The bad news is that for the past few years we have been frustrated by the delay in agreeing terms with the Ruskin Museum culminating in a lot of painful legal work this year but that is running its course and we expect shortly to be moving forwards. We would never ask you to fund a legal battle as that can go horribly wrong in the blink of an eye and pour your well intentioned donations directly into lawyers' pockets but we will have to look at things like transport, protective barriers, signage and a raft of other things to ensure K7 is kept pristine both in her Tyneside HQ and on display in the museum and also fuel, lubricants crew feeding and all the things that come with an outing to the water.

Any donations will be used strictly for these purposes.


Thank you for your support.






Bluebird K7 Restoration Fund
66 Hudson Street
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE30 1DL

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