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A message from Debs

Last week it was burgers, the week before petrol and diesel. Next week we don’t know, but we do want our supporters to be prepared.

All this publicity is having an effect, and we have had another bumper month on our webshop, with Hoodies, T-shirts and Mugs flying out again.

What we don’t really want is for your loved ones to wake up on Christmas Day, go to open their pressies and be handed an envelope with just a cute photo of Bill in a Bluebird Project Hoodie.

What we do really want (really really want :) ) is for anyone who wants a hoodie, or any of our merchandise to order as soon as possible, so we can guarantee as far as possible that any orders will be delivered in time for Christmas.

I will be placing an order next week for bulk stock, so if you are thinking of placing an order, please do so early to avoid disappointment.

And if there is something you would like, but you can’t see it on the website – just ask: shy bairns get nowt remember?!

See you in a bit,


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