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Remembering Donald Campbell - The Man and His Legacy (unsigned)

Remembering Donald Campbell - The Man and His Legacy (unsigned)

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Memories and Tributes compiled by the Speed Record Club. 



(Also available Signed by the BBP Team mebers)


Donald Malcolm Campbell CBE was one of Britain’s greatest heroes and a speed record breaker whose achievements in that sphere can arguably not be bettered.
This booklet has been produced by the Speed Record Club around the 50th anniversary of his death; not to dwell on his dramatic end but as a tribute and to celebrate his life and achievements, particularly his time in Coniston in the 1950’s and 1966/67 when he set four of his seven World Water Speed Records on the beautiful Coniston Water.

Using mostly previously unpublished material, this booklet features personal memories and reminiscences from Coniston villagers, from his Team members, from distinguished authors and importantly from family members, who share their thoughts - often movingly - of teh man who was a hero, a daredevil, a great British patriot, a father and an uncle.

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