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Ruskin Statement
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Jul 29, 2021
This seems like a crazy way to go on to be honest for Ruskin. I'm sure the Ruskin museum wants K7 in the "bluebird wing" of course they do ! No one in this is stupid enough to not realise how much of a cash cow K7 is for tourism, Hell, I would be the first one outside the door to see her in her completed form. It would be a massive draw for the area. But and It's a big but....this machine needs to be showcased as well, and not just on Coniston water as they claim they want to run it, But all over the world to inspire engineers everywhere. Donald Campbell took K7 all over the country and the world. He may have spent more time in Coniston breaking records than anywhere else and people of Coniston may well think of it as DMC and K7's spiritual home but the truth is it has worldwide appeal. The directors / board of the Ruskin Museum need to speak to the BBP, ignore all of the hype from supporters of both sides of the project and just sort out a deal which works for everyone and one day soon hopefully we will all have the chance to see the big blue boat do what its supposed to do and show people why Britain used to be the world leader in technology. Hopefully a happy conclusion will be achieved by all. Breaking up a lifetimes work is not the answer, No one wants to see a wreck and this is not a 5 minute rebuild if it were taken apart. Gina Campbell wants her fathers legacy and memory to live on. and it will, in K7. But seen by the many, not seen by the few. Lets get this sorted out. I'm sure there has been things said from both sides which have not helped the situation but lets move forward and make things right. A genuine DMC and K7 fan


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